FAMINE "Campaign for Expenditure Reduction" limited edition 7"EP

by dead heroes label



a very limited edition of debut 7"EP of Leeds based two piece freaky fast-violence hardcore. One of my favourite UK bands nowadays. Yuuuuuuuuu
coming with a different cover in the seven different colored variations.
in vein of Despise You.


released September 10, 2014

limited edition was released by Dead Heroes only in variation of seven different coloured covers.

layout by ondra/dead heroes

regular version was released in collaboration of Wooaaargh records, ADCD records, Pie n Mosh records, Skin and Bones records, Panico Rural and Dead Heroes records.

recorded 05/03/2014 by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name studio.
mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege
artwork by Daniel Hughes
layout by Mulletofdeath

black, green and white wax



all rights reserved


dead heroes label

a small non-profit D.I.Y. label specialized on fast-core, grind-core, power-violence & thrash-core.

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Track Name: Fail to Impale
Pasta bake
Henry of weed
Faster and faster
Gaining speed
Slam into fence
Convulsing dude
Flipping through air
Hurtling faster
Towards the ground
Missed the fence
Bone break sound
Do the fucking same course all over again
Sending Sev's body into oblivion
We want the fence, we don't want the slats
Tumbles fast
You came last
Track Name: Waste Mob
History class
From "Weird D.C."
To "Boston, Mass"
Show and tell
What we stand for
Preaching hard
Through metalcore
Reference is cool
But it's all you got
Trying to be
What you're not
Living in the past
Old is best
Ripping off Void
Stealing Infest
Void of thought, plenty of stomp
Measure of quality by what you imitate
Lacking that aesthetic? Failing to create
Tribute bands; put down the book
Track Name: Tankersplit
The surface
And dark
Vessel reaching critical mass
Substance spilling free
Toxic ooze fills the landscape
Tearing cross the sea
Swamps forming on the shore
Corroding human skin
Engulfing creatures, staining flesh
Fur bleached black
Gonna need to change your kecks
Heat isn't everything
Track Name: Stacks to Buy
At the end of a hard day
Of playing metal guitar
There's nothing more reassuring
Than knowing how secure you are
So i find it unsettling
That some music is for free
Don't you see the problem?
It's an attack on me
Music's not a hobby
It's a thanksless industry
It takes a certain type of person
So I'm sure that you'll agree
Industry's about looking after number 1
You make it sound like I do this for fun
Please don't make me get a job
I'm not good at anything
Apart from playing sick riffs
"Fuck You"
Got stacks to buy
Track Name: Not a Grave!
Dug a hole in the ground?
Not a grave!
Living in a soily pit?
Still not a grave!
Empty coffin down a well?
Not a grave!
If there's a dead guy
That's a fucking grave!
Track Name: Every week
Pissed off mumbles, rolling eyes
Tumbleweeds, disappointed sighs
"Oh great, just what this week needs
Famine on another gig in Leeds"
Squealing feedback overkill
Grinding hardcore; zero thrill
Only Northern date today
Unless you count matinee
Consistency is always nice
But this weekend i've seen them twice
Gigless weekend? Wrong to assume
Famine are playing your front room
We'll be coming back next week
Fucking weak
Track Name: C.A.T.A.R.
Biologically determined
How I exist
Every single day
Feeling like this
Bulging, throvving, aching
Nearing critical mass
Pressure needs release
Pressure building fast
Trance like state
Gripped by relief
Back to the field
To graze in peace
Previously burning: now feels like silk
Track Name: Worshipping Blast
Circle pits and maneating, this scene ain't no pose
Ripping off limbs of passers by if they get too close
When the feedback sounds, it's time to go throw down
Eating brains and side to sides, powered by the sound
Undead decay
Worshipping blast
Bloodshed melee
Feasting on face and fast
Bone bullet belts
Skin patch shirts
Hardcore kids for lunch
Crusties for desert
Going to shows
Picking off the weak
It's a self-defeating scene
A cannibal clique