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100 copies ultra limited European version of this awesome split which was originally released through gorgeous Life Liar Regret records in Australia.

recorded by Matt Faisander at Magnet Audio, Melbourne, Australia.
mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering.

the European press was made 70 on Hell-Black, 15 on Lavender/Pink and 15 on Red wax.

5 songs from Caged Grave (More of that Vaccine inspired PV/HC that you know we love) and 3 songs from Removalist (Darkened/Colohan influenced HC Punk - Cursed-esque).

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released December 24, 2015


all rights reserved



dead heroes label

a small non-profit D.I.Y. label specialized on fast-core, grind-core, power-violence & thrash-core.

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Track Name: CAGED GRAVE - Severine
Kill me before I expire
Spill my blood into the soil
Re grown from my mistakes
I'm only what you've made me
I'll crown myself the king of failure
pull the pin to end all things
I'm raising up my hands
To drive another nail in

Track Name: CAGED GRAVE - Piss Poor
Created out of ignorance.
left to fester, Final nail
into the coffin
Piss poor Excuse
Of a human being
I've fucked up, but I’ll admit (it)
I’m the knife and the wound
Track Name: CAGED GRAVE - Check Partner
Plant the seed of hate
Devoid of emotion
Blank, vacant, desolate
Two fingers to the neck
The blood pumps through my veins
There's no life in my eyes
Track Name: CAGED GRAVE - Bile
I can feel the black
thick in my throat
Disgusting human being
Lack of compassion

The stench of death comes from within

Your face is so close to mine
I can taste your breath
Humans thrive on the suffering
The time will come and you’ll cry wolf again
Track Name: CAGED GRAVE - Sun Orchid
I’ve lost touch
Lack of control
So it goes
Bleached by the sun
Cut me open spill it all out
Turn me into
A pillar of salt
Cut me out
Track Name: REMOVALIST - Leader
Your fucking welcome's worn out
Weren't with us then
Not with us now
In time the tides will change
And you'll be left behind
Take apart what's left of us
Subvert and destroy
You can search for solace
You wont like what you find
Save the wolves
Kill the rest
Track Name: REMOVALIST - Worthless Lives
Running in circles and ending up nowhere
Fucking my life up but what do I care?
It's not like I'm thankful for my existence
Or that I ever asked to be here.
Another day goes down the drain
Another dollar I'll never see
Another look down the barrel
Seems I'll be dead before I'm happy.
Wasted fucking time.
Worthless fucking life.
When it's hard to keep my head up, I'd rather fucking drown,
When this shit gets hard to swallow, I'll fucking spit it out.
Worthless fucking life.
Track Name: REMOVALIST - Oil Barron
Its right on the sand
With views of the water
And you let it happen
One way or another

Stake your claim while they're looking elsewhere
Build a tower in proof of the point
That no amount of opposition can stop you

When it comes down to the money
Well son we're never down
We'll bleed a country dry
For a gain that'll never be felt

When it's down to the money

Don't you feel betrayed
And don't you look surprised
At the fruition of a game
You've seen a thousand times

Either the cycle breaks
Or we do

There's blood on the sand
There's oil in the water
Nothing gets better

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